Villa Fluvian: a Rhodian experience

rhodian experiences

Travelling to Greece is a life experience. Travelling to the island of Rhodes is the ultimate holiday experience. On the island of Rhodes you will travel through time and countless civilizations that have passed and left their mark on every part of the island. Especially in the medieval city with its numerous alleys, you will experience an incredible magic of history and culture.

From the grand master’s palace where you can visit and learn the whole history of the Knights of Rhodes, the archaeological museum with its unique exhibits and a walk in the medieval ditch, each alley in the medieval city has its own history.The medieval town of Rhodes is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the largest and oldest inhabited medieval city in Europe

In the medieval town of Rhodes, holidays take on a different dimension that you will remember forever. And after walking the picturesque alleys you can explore the beauties of the whole island. Rhodes is called the island of the Sun because it has it has sunny days the most months of the year. So you can visit Rhodes all year long

Villa Fluvian is located just a few meters from the Palace of the Grand Master and welcomes you to experience the ultimate travel experience!

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