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The Fluvian Premium Concierge Services
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Having the chance to experience living in Rhodes Old Town, you will need a specially commissioned taxi since driving in Old Town is permitted only to the permanent inhabitants. The specially commissioned to enter the Old Town taxi will drive you to Fluvian's doorstep. In case you hire a mini van - since mini vans are not allowed in the Old Town - it will drop you off at D' Amboise Gate, approximately 5 minutes walk (depending on your pace) to Fluvian. Let us know the time of your arrival and we will take care of your transport reservation.

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Avoid all tourist traps and enjoy the best Rhodes has to offer. A restaurant? A café? A bar? We have a range of recommendations and we will be happy to book the perfect table for you.

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Private Chef Cooking

Let us organize for you a special dinner under the stars. Our Private Chef will prepare for you and your loved ones the most delicious Mediterranean Cuisine menu. Don't miss the opportunity to taste the freshest of fish and Rhodes' distinguished local premium products.

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Boat Trips

Feel the refreshing Aegean breeze and dive into the blue of our seas, from an especially for you rented, sailing boat. Upgrade your sense of luxury with a classy yacht. Relax with a fishing trip on a traditional boat. No matter what your dream choice may be, we will make it come true.

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Private Tour Guide

Let us arrange for you a private tour guide: Enhance your Rhodes Medieval Town experience. Discover the secrets of The Palace of the Knights. Visit the Ancient Stadium, the Ancient Odeon, the ruins of Apollo temple. Visit Lindos, the most picturesque rhodian village with the ancient Acropolis and the signature architecture.

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Super Market Shopping

Going to the Super Market or carrying your groceries should not be a part of your holidays. Just give us your list and we will make it happen.

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Indulge yourself with a relaxing massage treatment just 100m away from your Fluvian residence. We will book the appointment for you. Just e-mail us your wish.

*Kindly note that all Concierge Services are subject to charge